Microcom Technologies - Zimbabwe Shamga Ventures (Private) Limited trading as Microcom Technologies is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company. Microcom is a beautiful story of family, commitment and persistence, key values to the company. It’s a story that resulted from the vision of Austin Gara a family man married to his beautiful wife Charity and their four children.

In 1992 he was working at PTC now known as TelOne. That year saw people losing their jobs due to economic downturns. This is what then pushed him to start thinking about the future after his corporate job. What would happen to his family if he lost his job suddenly? That’s how he started casually doing part-time jobs, fixing computers and laptops using his ICT experience.

Microcom Technologies - Zimbabwe What started as an idea quickly grew into increased orders and within six months, he eventually opened a small office space and officially registered Shamga Ventures. However, he continued juggling between his corporate day job and his side business. In order to manage orders his wife Charity left her formal job to join Microcom in administering the day-to-day logistics plus using her accounting skills. Austin then employed two technicians who would help in undertaking IT training courses, typing services, faxing and photocopying. Yes, you read right faxing was quite the thing back in those days.

The company continued to strive and blossom through Austin’s guidance. He eventually left PTC in 2002 and joined Microcom on a full-time basis. The company diversified their product and service offering to include; software development, IP PBXs, IP Phones and Call Centres which was a strong skill set Austin brought with him. Even though customers started from just friends, family and colleagues, through positive brand image Microcom built a strong clientele base to include the big industry giants such as Edgars, Liquid Telecom, Ecocash and Truworths just to name a few from its over 100 customer base.

Even though the company started from humble beginnings today it is a strong competitor to reckon with in the ICT industry. Today, Austin employs a sizable team of professionals and is reaping the benefits of having started his company 27 years ago. Microcom continues to strive and increase its product offerings to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. Additional offerings include biometric systems, automated sirens and HP original cartridges. Austin is a leading example of what hard work can do.

A simple idea can change the world.