At some point and time, we all have to do some printing, be it for an assignment, work documents or even pictures. One can either access the services of a printing company but eventually buying and owning your own printer will provide convenience, as you will be able to print at whatever time you want. The first point before buying a printer is to analyse what purpose you intend to use the printer for. Are you a heavy user or a casual user? What’s your budget like? How much are you willing to spent on the printer? Choice of a printer will directly impact cartridge usage. Here are a few tips to help you make huge savings.

1. Know your printer

Know your printer and the various types of cartridges that can be used with it. For example, printer model; HP LaserJet 1018, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, MFP M1005, M1319f, 3020, 3030, 3015, 3052, 3055, 3050 and 3050z work well with HP12A LaserJet Toner. Know the exact number of pages that each cartridge prints for example, HP12A Laser jet prints 2000 pages. This then helps you on buying the specific printer that will meet your usage requirements. Always do a research on various printers before you make purchases. Also make use of reviews from the internet and ask friends and family on their experience with various printers.

2. Always try to buy in bulk

Buy your cartridges in bulk. For example, you could buy the Dual HP85A cartridge pack instead of the single one. Dual packs cost less than single packs. You could also just buy the single packs in large quantities. This will help you enjoy discounts and also make savings especially when prices are constantly changing. You don’t need to buy 20 cartridges at the same time but always try to buy extra if funds permit.

3. Select the right font

Did you know different fonts use different amounts of ink? Arial though very popular uses 27% more ink than other font types such as, Times New Roman and Calibri. Choose a font that saves on ink and watch the difference.

4. Choose single colour cartridge

This is an important tip especially if you have a printer with multiple colours. When buying a printer choose one that separates the different colours in smaller cartridges (for example black, blue and magenta). This way you replace the one that would have run out and not waste the other ink in the process.

5. Select grayscale option

Did you know that many black-and-white print jobs use more than the black ink? If you don’t specify “grayscale only,” option your printer will give you more quality than you really need. For jobs that don’t require colour, select the ‘grayscale only’ option in print settings. If you don’t know how to do it, ask a technical person close to you to assist or even watch a YouTube video.

6. Regularly service your Printer

Always service your printer regularly to prolong its life-span. You can ask your technical personnel to do this or take it to a professional company. Servicing is important because of things such as; dirty printheads and jams. You can also regularly clean your printer with a damp cloth and dust it to minimise dirt.

7. Print with care

Lastly, it’s not everything that needs to be printed. Look at things you can leave out or read on your computer. At the end of day avoid wasting and using ink unnecessarily.

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