Who we are.

Microcom Technologies is a Zimbabwean registered private limited company. We specialize in ICT Solutions and for more than thirty years we have provided personalized solutions for our customers to achieve their goals.

We have worked with many government and non-governmental organisations, and with this experience our prowess in the technological industry is a true force to reckon with.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of IT related services to meet all your IT needs.


Customized Call Centres

We provide customised call centre solutions to optimise business communications with a proven track record. Contacting or receiving a large number of people made simple.

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Software Development

We develop custom software, website, and mobile app solutions to improve your business efficiency.

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Why Choose Us?

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Meet our team

The team dedicated to giving you world class service.

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Our experience in project management ensures that we understand your needs quickly, sweat out the details and consequently produce a solution which we are confident will match and surpass your expectations.

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